A brand new feature for Whitelines, we introduce to you the 'One Minute Mash Up,' a round up from all the internet has to offer in the way of snowboard edits handily condensed into sixty seconds of awesomeness.

Don't have the time to watch every single web video that finds its way into your endless scroll? Keeping on top of every park edit proving too much? Don't worry, now we have the solution.

In this episode; Terje's insane double method, Seb Toot's goes wild on the streets and exactly why you shouldn't stand in the landings of jumps. Plus, Jed Anderson throws some crazy rail transfer.

And if you want to see where the clips came from, here are the original videos:

Knowbuddies Up North: Lost Trail

Jordy Ortega Ripping Brighton

Pat Moore's Blueprint Episode 6

WOW Snowboarding -- Season Recap

Jamie Nicholls TSC Laps

Don't Stand in the Landing

Compakt - Downdays Klappen

Will Jackways' Monster Japan Powder

Scott Penman in Val D'Isere

Viande Poulet 2

Seb Toots Street Edit 2014