We're calling it. Norwegian snowboarders are going to do seriously well in the first ever Olympic slopestyle comp in Sochi.

And when we say seriously well, we mean like beat the American and Canadian favourites (Shaun White, Jamie Anderson, Mark McMorris, Spencer O'Brien et al.) and take the gold medals.

A bold claim? Maybe, but take a look at the names on the squad - for the men there's the likes of Torstein Horgmo, Ulrik Badertscher, and Stale Sandbech, all of whom have proved themselves capable of cleaning up in world class competitions. And that's before we even get to Gjermund Braaten, Emil Andre Ulsletten and Torgier Bergrem...

For the women, there's Silje Norendaal, who having been there or there abouts for a few years suddenly cranked into another gear in last year's Euro X Games slopestyle and left Jamie Anderson and Spencer O'Brien eating her dust.

And then take a look at this training video, with the whole squad working hard (in between wearing kangaroo suits) together in Perisher, Australia this summer. Make no mistake, these guys are training, and they're looking to claim big scalps come Olympics time.

Regardless of whether you think we're Nostradamus or talking out our asses, you'd be foolish not to watch this space... and then maybe pop down Ladbrokes when the odds are looking good. ;-)