If you're not all busy frolicking around in paddling pools and stuffing your faces with undercooked meat today, here's the latest Windells edit for your viewing pleasure. Combined with an ice lolly and a patch of shade somewhere, it may just help you cool down. Alternatively, you could just put your head in the freezer (and upload it to the internet with the tag 241543903...).

Session 4 was the Neff/Lobster team takeover and brought the Helgasons, Denis Leontyev, Stevie Bell, Johnny Lazz, Tim Humphreys, Dylan Thompson and many more to it's recognisable blue features.

As usual there's plenty of sick stuff in this one but we've gotta admit that it's not quite as creative as the last High Cascade edit which featured some tricks that we'd never seen before - the bar was raised Mt. Hooders and we're still waiting for the edit that beats it!