Last season DC signed a new multi-year sponsorship deal with the park folk up at Meribel-Mottaret. They called it area 43 (can you figure out the cryptic reasoning behind that choice of numbers?), built a load of features including a rad jibbable mini ramp and invited all of their international pros out to shred it. These are all the best bits from a season riding the park and features appearances from many of the DC big guns like Torstein Horgmo, Devun Walsh, Lauri Heiskari and Aaron Biittner as well as a bunch of tricks from some unknown but definitely talented Euro rippers.

A few things stood out to us in this edit. Firstly, how sick is that mini-ramp setup that can be snowboarded and skated at the same time? Surely it's begging for some stacked handplant type stuff akin to this? Also that step up jump at 1:21 has got to have one of the longest tabletops we've ever seen on a French kicker - the thing is enormous! Trust Torstein Horgmo to well and truly tame it (at 3:01) though.