While it may have been the snowboard video event of the season, The Art Of Flight hasn't avoided criticism. Some have attacked it for its energy-drink-branded excess, and its tendency to disappear up its own arse at certain points. Whatever your feelings, you have to admit that it's open to some good-natured ribbing.

Kicking off with a dig at that pretentious title, The Science Of Airborning is Canadian clothing brand Voleurz's gentle pisstake, mostly based around the first Art Of Flight trailer (also featuring the bearded boatman from the second promo). So much of this is right on the money, including the voiceover, swimming shots and 'tons of fuel' bit. Our favourite, though, has to be their take on the branded heli!

The riding's not too shabby neither - after all, the Voleurz team is pretty strong and this was their entry into the Intersection 7-day film contest in Whistler. Great stuff, and we're hoping that even Travis Rice, Curt Morgan and all the guys at Brain Farm can see the funny side!