Yeesh - what's to be made of this?

This Red Bull 'TV spot', as the yanks call it, features footage from The Art Of Flight, the highly-anticipated snowboard movie that's being released in just a few weeks. We begin with a few shots of demigod Travis Rice being dropped off at gnarly-looking summits by a chopper. Then there's the obligatory quickfire teasing clips of avalanches, airs-gone-wrong and the like. Finally, there's an epic over-the-shoulder shot of Trav getting ready to drop. From that point on, what you see is simply essential viewing.

Well, at least until the very last minute, when we go from an amazing line to a downright cheesy one. Obviously the energy drink giant is footing the (presumably astronomical) bill for the movie, so it's only fair that they'll try to recoup some of their dough, but did they really need Trice to spout out a slogan? Introducing one of the sport's leading lights as a 'Red Bull Athlete' is one thing, but to make him sell to camera straight after such an awesome moment seems a bit much. He might as well be saying 'I'm going to Disneyland', or maybe 'You're worth it'....

Whatever you might make of it, the footage is ridiculous. Enjoy!