For anyone who was a fan of the first part of Terry Kidwell's interview with Jamie Nicholls (and we bet there were a lot of you), here's part two.

It's another strange yet engaging back-and-forth, as Terry once again demonstrates his mastery of the tenuous link. In this one we get some actual footage from Jamie, cut from some of his web edits. There's also a shout out to James Stentiford, although all the freeride legend gets is a few low-res pics.

The highlight of this one is definitely when Jamie gives Terry a bit of jokey what-for when his powder experience is questioned. With those shades, he looks like a right old diva. Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, "go with the flow" sounds 10 times better in a Yorkshire accent....

There's a part 3 on the way! We'll have it up as soon as we get it.

UPDATE: Here's Part 3!