Sven Thorgren is another one of those Scandinavian kids who's been lucky enough to go to a snowboard school - where trudging around a muddy field in the rain throwing oddly shaped balls around is replaced by snowboarding at the local hill (yeah we know - it's just not fair right?). Bearing that in mind, we really aren't all that surprised that at just 18 years of age, Sven is the current World Rookie Tour champion and has all manner of 1260s and double corks under his belt.

But while he is yet another super talented comp kid, he also seems to be well mannered and humble which is always a good thing in our books. Here he is talking about his first experience of the legendary Air & Style in Innsbruck in the excellent 'From Here to There' series by Protest. Sadly, he couldn't quite hold onto his double backside rodeo 1080 on the night but we were impressed by his performance nevertheless.

Oh, and here's part one if you missed it: