After a highly successful inaugural Merrill Mini Pipe Invitational up at High Cascade last year, we're chuffed to see the event was back in full force for 2013.

It's quite possibly one of the coolest pipe contests of the year, bringing together a whole host of pros from all walks of snowboarding to shred a slushy stunt ditch in the sunshine. No double corks to be seen in this (nor Bode's erection plant for that matter - we'll keep an eye out for footage of that...) with instead a strong focus on stylish grabs, getting creative in the pipe and being original. The way it should be eh?

Look out for appearances from Scott Blum, Mike Rav, Chris Grenier, both Baileys (Jaeger and Forrest), Brandon Cocard and many more.

Looks like a lot of fun doesn't it? Who else reckons we need more mini pipes in resorts?