Stylewars, the Australian 4-star TTR slopestyle competition, has had a miserable year of it weatherwise. Basically the standard format of the comp had to be abandoned because of shitty visibility, and despite some of the best riders in the world turning up to shred, very little riding actually went down.

Still, Aussies being Aussies, they still managed to have a pretty good time, sink a fair few beers and get something done - it's like that naff Spotify ad for Fosters innit? They always manage to pull something out of the bag... On the third day they held the annual Stairmaster rail jam competition despite the fact that it was shitting it down with snow. Mark McMorris won it, Seb Toots got best trick (for his frankly insane switch hardway 270 boardslide) and Jye Kearny was crowned best local rider. Watch the highlights of that above, and have a look here to see how they entertained themselves the rest of the time... MPORA Action Sports >>