[mpora_video id='yIkXD5zcZ/'] Who says you need to be from Salt Lake City to hit street rails? One of our readers, Jon Addison, sent us this sweet little video of himself taking his sick rail skills to the cold streets of... Aberdeen! Yep, that's right, full-blown urban-riding radness was possible last year in the UK thanks to what the newspapers dubbed 'The Big Freeze', and it looks like Mr Addison here made the most of it. OK, so the snow might not be quite up to the standards they're used to stateside, and the rails aren't all double-kinked monsters, but this is still one of the coolest little clips we've seen in a while. The filming (by Matty Pierce) is impressive, and it shows that with a little bit of motivation, a couple of mates to help with shovelling and the slightest bit of snow, anyone can get a good session going. And, better still, this could only ever be in the UK - check the chavs looking at him funny on 0.52 and the lone CCTV camera watching him rip on 1.52. How British is that?