In snowboarding, sometimes it's all in the family. Eric and John Jackson, Luke and Jack Mitrani, Halldor and Eiki Helgason. Then there's the Norwegians JP and Stian Solberg. While the others tend (for the most part) to share the spotlight, Stian has very much been in the shadow of his older sibling. That's surely about to change, though, as he's making waves with his work for the Pirate crew and Yes Snowboards. Now he's on Rusty as well, and sat down with them to talk shop.

It's hardly surprising that Stian cites his big bro as a major influence. After all, when Solberg The Younger was just learning the basics, Solberg The Elder was locking down one of the most famous video enders in history. Quite a lot to live up to, but Stian stands up as a sick rider on his own. And hanging out with team-mate Romain Di Marchi can't hurt!