[mpora_video id=AA68a6cmDWq]

Terje Haakonsen is a man that needs no introduction. Following the absolutely massive park section that dropped last week, here's a nice change of pace in a characteristically epic, big mountain Haakonsen part from Burton's 'Standing Sideways.'

It may not quite stack up to some of his many classic parts, but anyone who dares claim that he is past it needs to pipe down and watch this. The man still has one of smoothest, most calculated and fluid styles in the game and the stylish as hell frontside 360 at 00:59, the POV method at 2:03 and the outrunning of the avalanche at the end all prove it (you do tend to wonder if they set those things off intentionally for the shot don't you?).

You simply cannot go wrong with some big mountains, plenty of powder, a Burton Fish and some Terje to rip it all to pieces.