Those terrible press releases keep on coming, and the latest is a doozy. Apparently the arrival of the SpikeBoard is up there with penicillin, and inventor Enrique Cubillo is a modern day folk hero. Here's a taste:

"What you are seeing in the video is extraordinary and never been done. No one on earth has ever distilled down to such a seamless execution the full force of both upper and lower bodies on a skateboard. As simple as this might seem it is an earth shattering development. As much as having placed a sail onto a surfboard. No one on earth ever thought to create a device that would be used with both hands and one hand on a skateboard, let alone polish up the Nordic move and add symmetry to the complete sport as well as to name it so so simply and succinctly"

And it goes on like this.... We should point out that this was written by the man himself, and he's also tacked on a handy bio explaining who he is. Given that it heaps the same bounteous praise on him that he does on his dubious creation, we're guessing he wrote it himself. Word to the wise, sen├Ár - that never fools anyone - ever!:

"The "Cubi-X-Cross" was innovated by Enrique G. Cubillo on August 10th, 2010 at 6:15 pm at Engineers Gate in Central Park, NYC. This was the exact moment of the world's first "Cubi-X-Cross" strike onto land.... within 7 months he claimed Bear Mtn. New York, 1200 ' vertical, in 47 minutes with no use of feet on a skateboard, the first man ever to complete such a feat".

So there you have it - if you saw the Kahuna Snow SUP and somehow thought 'hey, imagine if we could do that on land, in lycra?!", then this one's for you. We'd offer to pass on your gratitude to Cubi, but he really doesn't need his head getting any bigger....