Turning: it's all the rage isn't it? And kind of like how flat whites get Shoreditch coffee drinkers' dicks hard it's best served in a solemn, artsy manner a la the latest from Christian Haller or Korua Shapes.

We thought we'd give it a go ourselves, bringing in Dave Crozier from Real Snowboarding and Lewis Sonvico of SuperRad some time last spring to provide the elbow gouging and corduroy ripping. Not only can these boys get low, they can do it with style whilst throwing in the odd NBD. Switch backside on your elbows anyone? Casual like.

If the people like it we might do it again, rumour has it the pair have something up their sleeves to rival the fabled Iron Lotus...

Riding//Dave Crozier//Lewis Sonvico

Cameras//Ed Blomfield//Sam McMahon

Edit//Sam McMahon

Supported by//Morzine-Avoriaz