For those of you that weren't aware, today - July 1st, is Canada Day. A day when our friendly brethren from across the pond celebrate all that it means to be a Canuck. We're a little slow off the mark posting this at 11.00 pm (UK time) but the truth is, we were way too busy heating up our Kraft dinners, reminiscing about a cup of freshly brewed Tim Horton's and pretending we were watching the ice hockey playoff's rather than the Euro 2012 final, which, lets face it - was good, albeit a little one sided.

Being Canada day and all, it's no coincidence that Ontario native Simon Chamberlain just dropped his full section, which is the finished product from a season's worth of shredding for the Jibberish webisodes. Simon made a name for himself when he won the legendary Nixon Jibfest back in 2003 as an unknown rookie and has been filming parts with the likes of Stepchild and the People Crew ever since. His Jibberish part is as buttery as ever, with a mix of minishred style hits, Whistler backcountry sessions and gnarly rail transfers.

The other half of Jibberish, JP Walker, is set to release his full part on July 4th - a fitting day for an American to release a part eh?