Seriously, how many times have you seen that headline - or variations on it? Shaun White wins YET ANOTHER X GAMES GOLD MEDAL!! Didn't see that one coming! But while the ginger wonder standing on top of a podium might seem like an action sports cliché, the reality is that recently, it's not actually been as common as all that. Anyone remember this performance in the 2011 X Games slopestyle back in Aspen in March? And in skateboard vert (admittedly his second sport) he's been beaten to the top spot by Pierre-Luc Gagnon for the last three years. Perhaps this recent barren patch is why the man looks so stoked to have won this one?

Whatever the reason behind that celebration (and whatever you think of his new moustache) it's nice to know that for all his celebrity and ridiculous high-profile antics, Shaun White is still actually famous for a reason. Unlike say erm... Alex Reid.