UPDATE: Unfortunately this YouTube video can't be embedded, so you have to watch the clip directly on YouTube here.

We saw this first on YoBeat this morning - initially it appears to a pre-Olympic profile of Shaun White, featuring a potted biography and bits of footage from The White Album, as well as some clips from the previous games.

But watch a bit further and you'll realise it's actually an exercise in arse-kissing on an Olympic scale - with an extra-helping of particularly smelly cheese. By the time you get to the story of his rivalry with KP (and that epically awkward fist-bump at 3.46) they're throwing out lines like "greatness can't live in the shadows" as if it was a Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster.

The facts are straight but the tone? Ugh. I mean compare that to BBC commentator Ed Leigh's no-holds-barred take on Shaun, they couldn't be more different. How can America's mainstream media get it so consistently wrong?