Shaun White has got form in releasing footage of new double corks learned in private pipes on the run-up to the Olympics (he dropped the Tomahawk aka double McTwist 1260 just before the Vancouver games). So when we heard that GoPro had ponied up the cash for a setup in Australia, we knew it was only a matter of time before we'd see something. That time has come, as Juan Blanco/The Shadow/Carlos Danger/The Hurricane/Diabolo/Shaun Roger White shows off his newest creation, the frontside double cork 1440:

While it's amusing to watch one of his infamous boot grabs in super-duper-slo-mo, there's no denying that this trick is all kinds of insane. Expect to watch it a few times to even have a chance of getting your head round it. Of course, as this comes from GoPro, there's a helmet-cam shot that makes it even more mind-bending.

Shaun was able to Tomahawk his way to Olympic gold in 2010 - will we see this at Sochi? If so, where in his run will he slot it? And in the age of the Tomahawk and the YOLO flip, will he come up with a daft name for it? Probably.