In this classic section from Mack Dawg's 2007 film Picture This, Shaun White joins Kevin Pearce for a private night-time shred in a pristine pipe, with spectacular results. No pressure, no scoreboards, just two riders having fun under the lights:

Half-pipe is arguably the most competitive discipline in snowboarding today. From Antti Autti's huge back-to-back 1080s in 2005 to Shaun's double McTwist 1260 earlier this year, the pressure to match (or best) the efforts of another is a constant concern for pipe specialists. Clips like this one, though, serve as a reminder that the pipe isn't always about the points and prizes. No doubt Kev and Shaun were pushing each other throughout, but this session still seems to have been collaborative rather than competitive, and that's always good to see.