We've just stumbled across Swiss film outfit Shaba Pictures trailer for their new film 'We Are The Super Kids' Bearing in mind that these boys have been brought up on Swizz effciency and Milka (and their past efforts which are below) it's without doubt that we can say this should be better than a Monday morning lie in. The film is currently available on-line and you also get a 35 minute 'SUPER BONUS' to go with the 25 minute Super Kid wonder show.

It's got some of Switzerlands finest up and comers and although you probably haven't heard of any of them, we're sure this won't be the last you hear of them (Especially with a name like Elmar Bossard) Below is one of their edits from 2011, good vibes in Cali 'yall

AIRTIME - SHABA PICTURES SEASON REVIEW 2011 a Snowboarding video by whitelines