Can you remember what you were getting up to at age 13? Playing XBox, eating fish fingers and sulking, probably. We seriously doubt you were stomping as many amazing tricks as Seb 'Toots' Toutant was at that age in any case.

This 19 minute documentary about Seb's meteoric rise to snowboarding stardom begins with some moody shots of Montréal (Seb's home town). These are swiftly followed by interview footage of pro coach Max Henault describing how he persuaded Mathieu Cowan of Sunset to include the precocious Seb in one of his films (aided by an awesome quote from a stony-faced Seb Gagnon of Piktur-this: "He may be only 13... but he jumps like a man"). He certainly does.

We follow Max and Seb as they travel to Mount Hood ("I asked my Mom and she said yes") to film Seb's first ever part seven years ago, and get a taste of how Seb - now 20 and likely to be a key contender for Olympic slope style gold in Sochi - got where he is today. Enjoy.