The news that Sebastian Toutant became the fourth triple-corker dropped over a week ago, but the footage has been held back til now.

As has been made fairy plain by the internet community, triple corks are not everyone's cup of tea. Even for those who like them, the law of diminishing returns applies. It's not nearly as exciting to watch Seb throw this as it was to see Torstein stomp the first ever triple, or Mark McMorris nail the first backside version. Still, Seb's fully locked in to the trick, even when he doesn't quite land it. If you were shown just a few frames of the super slo-mo, you could mistake it for a double. His successful effort looks like a blur at first, but take another look and you'll see that nothing's out of place. Triple corks may divide opinion, but one thing's for sure: if you're going to do them, you aim to do them like this.