If you still aren't clued onto the fact, Jamie Nicholls is really good at riding rails. Like superhuman good. He placed first and second at the Burton Rail Days event in Tokyo two years in a row and put down more hammers than you can realistically count on two hands on his first ever urban trip to Iceland with Nike.

And we love to see him hit more urban stuff, even if there are signs that say 'no snowboarding' at the spots... Take this short edit from Scene Socks for example - have you ever seen a more picture-perfect backside lipslide than that one? (We'd love to see it if so!) It really is a thing of beauty and made all the sweeter thanks to the meggggaaaa slowww-mo.

Oh and if you were wondering, the reason there's a dude chucking a football into the landing is because Copa were filming for an edit also featuring Ben Kilner and Billy Morgan, dicking about with a football up the mountain. Be sure to watch that edit as well if you haven't already.