The Roxy Snow Podcast series are back again for the new season and first up we take a look at Robin Van Gyn. A backcountry powerhouse you say ... ? That’s the understatement of the year.

The Canadian ripper has more balls than a roll-over Euro millions jackpot lottery. Her epic falls, epic drops, epic spins and most of all epic class makes her a shining light on the once male dominated backcountry culture...we salute her. Robin‘s personality comes across on and off the snow in the footage. She displays a great example of the potential levels a positive female rider can attain and is ultimately a great role model to the young un's who want to ride backcountry as well as her. Robin’s ‘get back up and try it again’ approach verges on the perfect snowboarding attitude. Good on that girl for bridging that (increasingly closing) gap between female and male riding standards. One question though ... where is her helmet?