Don't you just love getting the ferry over to France? It's an opportunity to stretch your legs, chuck-up off the side of a big boat and fire nerf guns at innocent bystanders. The Rome UK team certainly made the most of being out of their smelly van (we're assuming it was smelly) and got all G.I. Joe on the way to Spring Break in Kaunertal. Those ferry folk didn't know what hit 'em.

Following on from their hotseat prank, this is more proper funny shit from Angus Leith, Scott Penman, Cody Hierons and the rest of the gang with some decent shredding in it too and it's some of the first footage we've seen from last week's shenanigans. Keep your eyes peeled for plenty more edits from the week - you're gonna know the Kaunertal park from top to bottom by this time next month, trust us ;)