How frickin' rad is this? for their latest 12 Months webisode, Rome hooked up with our very own Angus Leith (he of Wee Breck Bastards fame), the legendary Bjorn Leines (he of Art of Flight fame...) plus Thomas Delfino, Flo Achenrainer and Bernie Kraxner before driving around the Austrian Alps in an RV in search of shred.

The crew hit up everything from a crazy feature that looks like a pyramid buried in snow and a kicker into a cow field to a monster road gap that brought back many fond memories of the long, winding drives up to Kaunertal to shred Spring Break last month.

We have no doubt that Angus had a blast on this trip (and how couldn't you, shredding with Bjorn Leines?!) and judging by the bangers he managed to stomp along the way, he definitely left an impression on his teammates.

Killed it fella!