Now this is what we’re talking about. No bullsh*t, no filler, just straight up banger after banger in the Whistler backcountry in an epic ‘pow battle’ between two YES heavy weights. In the red corner we have French Canadian and Whistler local Benji Ritchie and in the blue corner it’s none other than Swiss born snowboard legend Romain De Marchi.

Call it a cop out but we’re finding this a really tough one to call. Both guy's go consistently huge, stomp a variety of tricks and do it all with the precision, finesse and style that you’d expect from riders of this calibre. Thanks to that absolute banger of a closer, we’re kind of drifting more towards Romain, but only just. It really is a matchup of Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier proportions.

Who do you think comes out on top of this most epic of pow battles and who would rise to the top if you threw a bit of Travis Rice, John Jackson or Gigi Rüf into the mix? For more of the YES team destroying Whistler pillow fields check out the Whistler section from 'YES. It's a Movie'.