The crew have been putting out some banging edits recently, and this one, from the recent Relentless Freeze Festival, is no exception. Not only does it have all the action from the Whitelines Battle of Britain (including that frickin' insane triple frontflip attempt by Scott Penman) it also covers the FIS World Cup Big Air from the Saturday, in which Sam Turnbull, Ben Kilner and Jamie Nicholls represented for the UK.

As you can see here, Sam was bloody close to getting through to the final, putting down his back double ten but just dragging a hand - which with the super-strict FIS judging rules is basically as bad as eating shit completely. Ben put down a super-lazy-looking double cork to prove that he's not just a champion in the halfpipe, and although he couldn't stomp the same trick in the final, he was impressively close. And Jamie? well, Jamie Nicholls doesn't fall, you know that! Unfortunately his back double 10 cab 10 combo wasn't quite good enough for the podium, but when you're up against man-machines like Seppe Smits and Janne Korpi, fourth is fucking goof. Nice one boys!