There seems to be a bit of a backlash growing to Travis Rice's Red Bull Supernatural event. Perhaps it's just a case of one Red Bull PR stunt too many, following the hype-fest that was The Art of Flight. Or maybe it's pure sour grapes and folk can't stand to see a snowboarder grabbing some mainstream attention - not Shaun White and his lame chewing gum commercials, and not even 'legit' Travis Rice and his appearances on the Conan O'Brien show. Either way, first we had the ever-opinionated Boardistan blog laying into the Supernatural event as "snowboarding designed to sell more caffeinated sugar water drinks"; next we had the Helgasons' alternative version of Supernatural in Japan; and now we have this piss-take video of the contest, dubbed Scarier and also Cherrier after the Scary Cherry run at Baldface on which it took place. No idea who put this one together (the description is "Trevor Reese and friends jump skiboards at Rad Bowl Ballfest Mountain. Narrated by some idiot") but we'd be interested to hear what you all make of it.