Unless you happen to be resident in the US (or have some weasly way of getting NBC online where you are) you will have missed the Red Bull Supernatural TV Show. You will also have been aware that you missed the Red Bull Supernatural TV Show, because the dudes from Brain Farm, who filmed the whole thing, have been drip-feeding teaser after sickeningly good teaser online, just so you know exactly how good the stuff you missed out on was. Anyway, thankfully someone has finally seen fit to release the full NBC show online, and it's a belter. OK, so we're not totally sold on the voiceovers and the slightly cheesey motion graphics, but you gotta remember this was made for a mainstream audience. And as a representation of what snowboarding's really about to the wider world, Travis and all his bezzies riding a pristine pow face in BC beats the Olympics doesn't it?! And heck, who cares when the riding is so incredibly epic?!