GoPro HD cameras have only been around a short while but they're already making waves in the action sports scene. Basically they pack super high quality video recording into a pocket-sized form that's perfect for pissing about with on the hill - or for attaching to your helmet for POV footage. Earlier this year Tim Humphreys became a Youtube sensation with this epic line through the Mammoth Park, filmed on his GoPro. Meanwhile Jib Vid filmer Richard 'Prendy' Prendergast was attaching 30 of the buggers to a curved boom, to produce his own budget version of the Matrix's bullet time photography.

This recent GoPro commercial is another good example of what these clever cameras can do. OK, you might still look like a twat walking around with one on your head, but when you're Eric Willet doing casual super slow mo 900s, we'll let you off. Oh, and if you wanna see what happened when a GoPro-wielding surfer encountered some great white sharks, check this out!