This video is good for a few different reasons. Firstly, it uses a Red Fang song which is pretty rad if you ask us. Secondly, it features a bunch of snowboarders who we're not that familiar with but do some good tricks, which is also pretty rad. Thirdly, we've never come across this Carinthia resort in Vermont but it looks like they've got a good thing going on - their park has some creative features like rock and log jibs and even a shed that you can snowboard on, which is also pretty rad.

Basically, this trailer got us excited to go snowboarding. You should check it out. It's - y'know - kinda rad.

Featuring: Shaun Murphy, Tarik Blowers, Levi Gunzburg, Max Lyons, Rory Bruder, Ian Keay Jaime Del Pizzo, Emma Graham, Zack Wilmot, Brian Skorupski, Casey Willax, Timmy Sullivan and more.