Todd Richards has been a professional snowboarder for more than two decades now and is still pushing his riding hard. Check out this edition of Quiksilver's From the Office of, which looks back at the history of the 41 year old and also what riding means to him.

Probably the pioneer of halfpipe riding, he is one of the few who was able to beat Terje in his prime. Although they went in different directions (Terje boycotted the Olympics while Richards went down the FIS route), the two were definitely contemporaries in terms of influence and respect within the snowboarding world. This is not to say though that the latter was an FIS poster boy. Before the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City Richards threw down one of the most progressive pipe runs of the time but was controversially scored lowly, because official rules stipulated that riders had to pull at least one straight air, meaning that he narrowly missed out on Olympic qualification.

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