We'll give it to him, Tom Wallish is pretty shit-hot on his twin plankers. After all, he did win X-games slopestyle last year with the highest score like, ever. And if you can see past all of the 'illegal' tindy/nelon grabs and zeaches, turns out that Tom ain't too shabby on a snowboard either (skip to 2:23 if you're not that bothered about seeing Tom spin faster than a ballerina on the rails at Park City). How many snowboarders could comfortably step onto a pair of skis and hit rails/get upside down? The best we've probably seen is Torstein Horgmo bossing it... on snowblades.

Now of course, Tom here isn't the only one of our pole-wielding brethren who can hold his own a snowboard. Kiwi pro skier Jossi Wells is famously pretty handy on the 'shrid stick' as well. We found it pretty amusing how Tom's riding attire goes from XXL skier dress when on skis to mega-hesh open flannel hoody and mitts when on his snowboard... And as entertaining as this is to watch, you can't help but feel a little depressed at the same time. How is it that guys like Tom, his (presumably skier) buddies and Jossi can do a load of tricks that many of us that have been snowboarding for yonks aren't even close to?

Excuse us while we go mope in the corner for a bit.