What does it take to land a sponsor these days? Sick riding? A must. A prolific bag of tricks? Yep. Style? Definitely helps! As a basic standard, most would probably agree that a 'sponsor me' style edit should contain 1) no zeaches 2) no reverts and 3) definitely no illegal grabs.

This edit from Phil Mills has some good stuff in it – that backflip step-up at 00:23 is ballsy, no question and the back three tailgrab at 1:50 is pretty styley, but Phil also happens to be guilty of all of the aforementioned no no’s. The 360 tailfish at 1:02 is a prime example of a trick that should never ever (in a million years!) be slow-mo’d. And what's up with the weird negative effect, questionable music choice and random chairlift slow-mo?

Are we being too harsh here? Or is a spot of constructive criticism healthy in this day and age? What do you think of Phil's edit?