People Films are the production outfit behind last years 'Good Look' which although had some heavyweights like JP Walker, Aaron Biitner, Joe Sexton and Simon Chamberlain, we weren't really that impressed with it. It had heaps of technical and stylish riding in it but it just lacked that pazzazz that made you want to go out and shred.

This might have something to do with the overhaul of the team for this years film 'Pretty Wise' with some new (and old) blood including Shayne Pospisil, Jake Koia, Elias Elhardt and Marco Smolla. It could go either way this year as they might have realised that there was just something missing in 'Good Look' or they could just rely on their shreditage (shred heritage) to sell DVD's... Guess we'll have to wait till October to find out.