Remember this rad little edit of Das Goose and friends 'White Water Rafting' up at Cairngorm on a sunny day last spring? Well, turns out that on top of all that dicking around, Angus also actually did some riding in the slush and here's a minute or so of mellow rail hits on the very last day of last season. It may be the middle of winter right now but it really won't feel long until we start seeing scenes like this again - let's make the most of winter proper while it's still around eh? Rumour has it it's about to get proper cold next week, so it could be the perfect opportunity to book a couple days off work and - as Bruce Dickinson put it best - run to the hills!

In other (related) news, check out this edit of Angus, Mike Austin and the Trinders sending it off a bump at Cairngorm last week if you haven't already. Who needs proper shaped kickers when you've got speed, a pair of balls and the ability to huck?