Despite a sterling effort from the UK contingent at the O'Neill Evolution big air in Davos, in the end the podium went to the usual suspects. The lack of triple corks may have disappointed the organisers, and some of those watching, but the standard was stupidly high nonetheless. Anyone adverse to mind-boggling displays by Canadian/American/Belgian metahumans, look away now.

Mark McMorris took the gold with a backside double cork 1260, followed by a hardway cab 270-on:

Eric Willett threw a 1260 of his own (switch backside this time), and took to the wall feature for a smooth lipslide 270-out. Oh, and a little bit of claiming:

Seppe Smits put down yet another cab 1440 (remember when they were the stuff of fantasy), but his slightly shakier effort on the rails may have been what bumped him to third: