Ok, so it's not as heavy as Torstein Horgmo's classic top-to bottom run in the Northstar park, but anyone that followed Nitro's One Run series last season will know that that's not what they're all really about. Instead, the focus of these is to showcase a rider's ability to pick a line through their terrain and most importantly have as much fun as possible along the way. Here's Austin Smith with a full top to bottom run and as you'd perhaps expect from Austin it's got bangers, fun little side hits and loads of cruisy mellow tricks in between. What probably got us most excited about this though is seeing an entire run through the jibbers paradise that is Bear Mountain. It's a surprisingly long run with all manner of features from mellow boxes to heavy down rails - and of course this is only a fraction of all that's on offer there... Looks like an absolute blast to ride doesn't it?

Curse those Californians with their sunny skies, epic surf, hundreds of skateparks and incredible ski resorts!