Another bangin' edit from the Aussie collective 'Oi Mate!' as they hit up Perisher, Falls Creek and Thredbo for some sunset sessions. It seems like every year the Aussies are putting out more and more awesome footage, imagine trading marmots for kangaroos...rad right?

The rail setup in that first sequence looks un-real, kind of like a rail playground. We (well at least me, the intern) thinks that we should be building more features like this at our Snowdomes, super creative obstacles with heaps of lines! Anyone going to step up and make it happen? It also seems like they can build a kicker or two after the beasty pictures from Stylewars as well.

Back to the point: Australian resorts look good, Australian riders are getting better every year, Australians know how to film and Australians have some pretty bad ass sunsets. Check it!