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Oi Mate!, the Aussie equivalent of Diaries Down Under, is back with Episode 2, featuring some rad (and quite frankly, enviable) freestyle riding from all over Australia. Jye Kearney sends it in the Perisher park (we know the kid has skills on rails but who knew he could rip jumps this well too?); the Fyve and Aussie Forum boys hit a wallride at Mt Baw and a couple more guys hit a closeout rail and river gap at Falls Creek.

Like in the second episode of Diaries Down Under, episode 2 of Oi! Mate also features one of the Tiene brothers. This time it’s big brother and DC pro Ryan, who hits a mammoth channel gap style kicker at Thredbo with Charles Beckinsale. No room for error on that particular kicker! If one of the aims of these webisodes was to convince more people to come and ride in Australia, they're definitely doing a good job of it so far!