So this started doing the rounds of Facebook this morning and if we're being honest with you here, it's probably one of the best season recaps you'll see outside of the big productions. The RK1 crew hail from Norway, home of the über shred school the NTG which pumps out some of the best riders in Europe. Hands down.

The recap focuses mainly on the escapades of Ståle Sandbech, Alek Østreng and Len Jørgensen on their travels in Bejing, Davos and Keystone to name a few and the edit is a full on six minute jaw dropper. No filler, no interviews and no heli shots. All of these boys are leaking style, we love Ståle's flat spins, probably some of the best on the contest circuit.

Aleks had a pretty tidy year sweeping up a Gold medal at the Burton European Open as well as making a name for himself as a consistent Finals rider in the Euro X-Games, World Snowboard Championships and the Dew Tour in the States. He backed all this up with a banging segment in Forum's Vacation' last season. You can catch some more chat from Aleks from the interview our good friends at Onboard did with him earlier this year. Donkey Donuts, that's all we've got to say about this ripper.

As for the third rider, if we're being perfectly honest, we don't actually know a huge amount about Len. We know he was with the Pirates Crew in Folgeffona, with the Hypermoutain boys in Oslo and with Ståle trying to rodeo onto rails but apart from that we have little to go on. Well, apart from (according to this edit) his rail riding is more technical than trying to assemble an Ikea double bed. Anyone care to enlighten us further?