It’s people who make snowboarding. NOMADS profiles the characters and crews that deserve a closer look, this time focusing on one of the most unique crews out there: the Rusty Toothbrush.

Snowboarding, laughing, pushing yourself, staying original, creating something... All of this and more is what the Rusty Toothbrush stand for. With a truly international cast, stretching its tentacles all over Europe, the core crew consists of Alex Stewart and Brad Smith, both Kiwis, as well as Francesco Zoppei from Milan.

Together they've snowboarded into the future, teamed up with super groms and even made it big with their down under neighbours.

Whilst out in Morzine/Avoriaz for a week filming their latest piece of madness (dropping on Whitelines later this week) along with Jack Erchiellio and Pasquale Gentile, we caught up with them to peak behind the scenes and see what makes them tick.

Stay tuned into the rest of the week to catch some more exclusive goodies from the RT!