If there's anything better than watching Nordic snowboard mentalists released from an asylum strapped to a bit of plastic, it's watching them stack it in style. The entire intro of this brilliant new film from Nitro Sweden is just that. Rib-cracking, ankle-snapping, skull-splintering Viking awesomeness. Clinically proven to make even the tightest-ass businessmen spill their de-caff and shriek "Oooh - This isn't fit for the workplace!". Whatever mate. Take note of Nils Arvidsson's amazing closing sequence. That stuff ain't even real.

Crash Test Dummies: Anton Gunnarsson, Nils Arvidsson, Anton Bilare, Mattias Nyberg, Sven Thorgren, Tobias Karlsson, Malin Johansson, Cecilia Larsen, Tove Holmgren.