With an opening more biblically epic than a Mel Gibson movie trailer, this super OTT video documents the creation of the Nike Snowpark Montafon. Shapers stand strong like slaves sweating to construct the Great Pyramid of Giza. Cats plough through the night with more willpower than Moses crossing the Nile. Piss-taking aside, this truly is a masterpiece of a park.

Before April, few had heard of Montafon - until Nike gave its heavenly approval that this would be the site for their epic Chosen Sessions series. Together with Schneestern, they transformed this rough backcountry plot into a boarder's paradise. We covered the park build in our October issue, and of course the Nike Chosen videos are up for your viewing here.

With a clean super modern bowl (complete with steps and a diving board) and a giant Nike swoosh, this geometric beauty is not only the most progressive park ever created but has pushed riders to try out new tricks on bigger-than-ever-before jumps. Some pretty wacko features include a scaffolding wallride, a snake pipe and a kicker off a cliff-drop. A personal favourite is the kicker over the chair lift at 5.23. Check it out!