The finals took place in pitch-black darkness, but that didn't stop the riders pulling out some awesome tricks, including front and backside 360s, as well as an impressive frontslip off the kinked ledge from Julien Vilmin. However, the rider of the day was a guy called Juan "Polan" Polanco, who managed to nail a Cab 360 to 50-50, BS 360 to 50-50 and the alleged best backside lip of the tour so far. Stomping the competition, Polanco got his golden ticket to the chocolate factory in Munich in an attempt to win $20,000. Not bad for a grind.

The penultimate stop on the tour is Kronplatz in Italy, due to kick off this weekend.

Vallnord Results:

1. Juan Polanco - ESP

2. Matias Ian - ESP

3. Ivan Alconada Hernandez - ESP

4. Laurent Duhalde - FRA

5. Julian Vilmin - FRA

6. David Hidalgo Perlas - ESP

7. Josep Falga - ESP

8. Anto Brotto - ESP

9. Roc Sagrista Garcia - ESP

10. Bernat Ripoll Molera - ESP