Everybody's eyes are on one up and coming Russian rider by the name of Denis Leontyev, who pulled out all the stops in the finals of the Finnish heat. His tricks included BS 450 to Boardslide, FS 360 to 50-50 180 out, FS Blunt 270 Tailpress, FS Blunt 270 Tailpress 180 out, and Switch BS 180 to 50-50 BS 180 Revert. Naturally, he stomped the competition and took the title at Talma with ease, knocking a full set of talented Finnish riders into 2nd through to 10th. Unlucky! With videos like this though, nobody was surprised.

The next stop on the tour will be the resort of Vallnord, Andorra, where everybody will be watching to see if our talented Brits decide this is really worth trying for. We're just taking our time - getting warmed up.

Talma Results:

1. Denis Leontyev - RUS

2. Teppo Ruokokoski - FIN

3. Toni Kerkelä - FIN

4. Petrus Koskinen - FIN

5. Martin Kalliola - FIN

6. Lasse Ihalainen - FIN

7. Antti Jussila - FIN

8. Marko Sinkkonen - FIN

9. Elias Kellosaari - FIN

10. Tatu Toivanen - FIN