[mpora_video id='EMX73P7hk/'] See the stairset in this video? Well Nike 6.0 are bringing it to the UK pretty soon for a one-off comp, that promises to be epic. The only thing they've yet to decide is... where the comp is actually going to be. There are three fridges currently in contention to hold the jib jam - Castleford, Braehead and Milton Keynes, and the last time we checked, Castleford was ahead in the votes, but only by a whisker. You can vote for your local slope over on Nike 6.0's Facebook Page now, or you can just sit back and watch some of the world's finest jibbers demonstrate the set-up's potential - just check out this line-up: Nick Visconti, Jed Anderson, Wojtek Pawlusiak, Louis Paradis, Jamie Nicholls, Marc Swoboda, the list goes on... This footage all comes from The Farm jam, which went down at a 'secret' location outside of Munich in February this year. Keep an eye out for the full story of the session in the January issue of Whitelines.