[mpora_video id='zGrapubbN/'] After kicking off in Castleford's snowdome and heading to the Netherlands and Switzerland, the Nike 6.0 Stairset touched down in Les Arcs for the French leg of the battle tour. France's crop of new-school jib merchants were out in force sessioning the stairs, with the likes of Pierre Rué, Benoit-Thomas Javid and Thomas Chassagne ripping it up. Chris Cunningham, who's British really (he was born in Coventry) was also riding well, and there were even a couple of rude-boys who came all the way from Quebec to get involved. The prize on the table - like at all the stairset battles - is a ticket to ride in the final, which will take place at the Nike 6.0 Air & Style in Munich. Don't know about anyone else though, but I reckon us rosbifs have still got the edge on this lot in terms of jib skills though... Little T ftw anyone?